Come EXPLORE with us!

We are happy to provide walking to our clients Monday-Friday. We offer a range of service choices for all walking clients: Standard walk is a 30 minute “energetic walk”. In & Out is a 15-20 minute “potty break” for those pups who are not so into walking. Puppy walks are twice a day for 15-20 minutes for young pups who need more attention during the day.

For all new walking clients we require a two day a each week minimum throughout the month. We do this so we can provide as much consistency for your pup and the consistency in staff required to provide these services each week. If you will be using more than walking services each week please let us know at time of first call so we can better understand your needs & tailor services to them.

All walks are M-F, 10am-3pm.


standard walk – 25-30 minutes

in & out walk – 15-20 minutes

Each additional day per household
Puppy Walking – $25 per day

$3 extra per walk per additional dog, same household.

Looking to get started…

Please call us to see if we can add walking in your neighborhood! Let us know where you are, how many days a week you would like walking services & we can let you know if we can help you out! If you are a new client, please fill out the new client form & fax or email us your pup’s current vaccination records. Then call to schedule your dates over the phone, on the reservation form or email us! Please make sure you get a confirmation email or phone call letting you know your preferences have been received & when we are able to get you started!

Additional information…

1. We will need (2) full sets of keys in addition to the forms so that we are ready to roll when you need to begin your first day of services! If they are new keys made just for us, please check them before giving them to us! We’d hate to get there & the keys not work!

We have been providing walking services for over 10 years & we are very comfortable going in & out of new client homes since most places are set up similarly. Please let us know at time of set up if you have an alarm, we will ask you to set us a specific code that only we will be using to come and go you’re your home. Most clients can be easily set up for services without needing do a “walk through” at your home. However, if your home or pup is complicated please call to schedule a “walk through” prior to our first visit there. All of these visits are done with one of our managers & require a one time set up fee; it is not always possible to get the walker designated to your route there for this visit since they are out walking each day.

All of our walkers are wonderful and listed on our site so you know who they are! Many of them are also daycare/boarding attendants & if you are in our facility you will meet them here!

We will provide a notebook so we can communicate with you each day, if we feel your pup is sick or needs immediate medical attention your walker will communicate with management staff at our facility & we will contact you immediately! Our walkers are insured & bonded through BowWow and are rigorously trained by our senior staff members so we can provide safe & quality services to you each day!