Do you need to meet my dog prior to utilizing your services?

For the safety of your dog and others, we do require a day of temperament testing/daycare trial, this will tell us more about your dog and how to better socialize them.

What is the minimum age when accepting a dog for daycare or boarding?

Our primary concern is the well-being and safety of the dogs. We recommend puppies that are 6 months or older get their firs round of shots. Must be spayed or neutered by the age of 1.

Will my dog have access to water during his visit?

We provide fresh bowls of water throughout the day during playtime.

Will my dog be crated all day during the boarding period?

If your dog is social and passed the temperament test, he or she will participate in daycare playgroups all day starting right after breakfast around 7am all the way until dinner time around 5pm. They will be let out once more after dinner so they can potty before closing time.

Are the dogs supervised during playtime?

Yes, our highly trained daycare attendants spend all day supervising and monitoring our guests during playtime. Safety is very important to us.

Do you take dogs outside for potty breaks?

Unfortunately we do not take dogs outside of our facility because outdoor environments are not as safe as our controlled indoor space.
We will be happy to add a walk upon request for an extra fee.

My dog (s) is on a special diet and takes medicine. Can I bring my own food and meds?

Absolutely. We prefer to feed your dog their normal diet and follow strict instructions for feeding times and administration of meds. Stomach issues may arise when you feed a dog a different brand than your current food. We also have a freezer and refrigerator to keep certain meals fresh. We carry most brands at the store and will be happy to add any extra food for a fee.

Can my two dogs spend the night together in the same suite?

Two dogs from the same family can share a suite. We will make sure they are both very comfortable and tucked in for the night.
Second dog receives 10% off of the boarding fee.

My dog is fully vaccinated, can they catch a virus or disease by being at your facility around other dogs?

Unfortunately some viruses are airborne transmitted and might have different strains that aren’t covered by vaccines. Regardless of being up to date on some of the required vaccinations, there is always a risk. We maintain a very high sanitation standard and do everything in our power to prevent transmittable diseases and viruses from occurring at BWL.

Can I schedule a full groom or bath prior to picking up my dog?

Absolutely, please make sure you schedule this service with the front desk via phone, registration form or email. We will gladly make sure your dog goes home looking and smelling good after playing with us.

Can I bring my dogs bed, blanket and toys?

Of course! Your dog will be happy to sleep in their own bed and recognize home smells.

What time can I drop off my dog for Daycare and Boarding? Are there any extra fees for late pick up or late drop off?

For daycare, M-F you can drop off as early as 7am and pick up as late as 7pm. Weekends from 9am-6pm. We offer daycare 7 days a week.
For Boarding, Before 12pm Drop Off-$10 Daycare fee (After 12pm- no fee) After 12pm Pick Up- $18 Daycare fee (Before 12pm, no fee)

Do you have someone in the building overnight with the dogs?

We allow our guests to have quiet time to sleep after we have closed down for the day. We do not have a person stay overnight.

Our building is equipped with a state of the art surveillance system as well as an alarm system. Our constant police patrolled neighborhood is very safe and has been for years.