BowWow Lounge Dog Daycare

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Owner Statement:

Bow Wow Lounge strives to provide and build the most interactive and rewarding relationships between dog, owner and staff.

during our seven years in operation, our bond with our clients has been the most rewarding experience we could have asked for. with our hands-on approach, we get to know each and every dog almost as well as their owners. our combined experience in handling animals and large staff-to-dog ratio allows us to understand and provide your dogs with the activities that make them the happiest, whether it's their obsession with flashlights, a game of chase, soaking in swimming pools, laying in the shade wanting hugs, or having us throw balls until our arms fall off, we are in it for them! since 2002, we have been sending tired and happy dogs home to their very elated owners every day.

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we are happy to say that WE ARE DOG TESTED & OWNER APPROVED!

1744 West Winona Street  |  Chicago, Illinois 60640  |  773.878.0500